New York Report.

This is Julia writing from the Big Apple, the City of all cities. I’m writing in english, cause I can’t write the three last letters in the swedish alphabet.
Here I am. Right now the time is 2:28 pm, wich means it is about 20:28 in Sweden. I’m in this huge Apple Store on 5th Avenue, you get free access to the internet, really great, don’t want my mother to know my blog adress, so I can’t use her laptop to blog.

Yesterday I met Caitlin, Elisabeth, Lynn…the two sisters and the mother who I was living with in San Diego in 2000. We looked at old photos and we discussed what we did that distant summer right after the millennium. It was great fun seeing them again and I got to remember lots of more things, that I had forgotten. Like we went camping. Had totally lost that memory, though I still have the whistle I got from Lynn so I wouldn’t get lost if I got lost. Logical. And I met the oldest sister’s husband, Greg. First I didn’t recognize him…but then they mentioned ”Elbow” and the necklace I accidentally tore apart, and everything was like yesterday again.
Bridget had gotten tripplings and yet another child. Extraordinary. And they were so cute.
Lynn made a wonderful dinner and a delicious berry pie dessert. Wow.
Lizzie and Catie had brought their friends over, or, not really, their friends had gone crazy when they got to know that I was coming. Hahah. So curious, and so happy. Really had a great time yesterday.

I also bought a dress from Zara, a skirt from HM [ofcoooouuurse] and a little something from Victoria’s Secret. I guess I have spent a fortune [I’m like their VIP-guest, hahah] on Victoria’s Secret…my favourite of all time. It’s fortunate it doesn’t exist in Sweden, partly beacuse I would be broke like all the time, and partly because it wouldn’t be so exotic when you finally get to visit one of the stores.
New York is so fantastic. I love it, with all my heart. Starting to reflect on wether it’s better than Paris. Everyone in this city is so kind. If you need help or if you look confused, there’s someone there right before you know it to guide you through whatever.

I took photos of Brooklyn Bridge last week. A dream come true. My god. It is so beautiful, I cried. Surprised?
I have so much to tell you all. Actually I should’ve bloged every day, that would have been the best. But…yeah, you know… I’ll just have to tell you all when I’m back in Sweden again.

Niklas. I love you so, so, so muuuuch! One of the days was really hard. But now I know, it’s less than a week until we’ll see each other again, and that keeps me above the surface of the water. I wish we can have a little get-together this evening on Skype. Hahah.

That will be it for now, will continue down 5th Ave, take care my beloved ones =D!


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En kommentar till New York Report.

  1. Niklas skriver:

    Åhhhh hon bloggar! Du lever livet, din… fisk!

    Shit alltså, jag har inte träffat dig på tio dagar nu. Det är länge… Jag har börjat få in en normal ”livsrytm” nu, börjat få rutin i min ensamhet. Allt känns dock så mycket mycket tråkigare, ibland meningslöst, utan dig. Tänker på dig jämt, men man kan läskigt nog bli van att vara ensam.
    Jag har tecknat mycket (var på krokikurs och träffade Anna), har spelar lite tv-spel, har jobbat måndag och tisdag. Och jag har träffat lite folk; Totte, Filip, Kalle och Jonas, bandet (vi spelar ju in EP nu, det kewl)… Filippo är förövrigt i Polen, den dumbommen. Jag som tänkte spendera påsk med honom. Och Petter är och åker skidor, saknar honom här hemma. Alla reser ifrån mig! Stackars mig. (Hihi, menn en grej som er skön er at du ickee traeffar någon ny Tåårkajld den här resan… Förlåt, du blir trött på mig när jag nämner det, men… såäre. Förhoppningsvis…)

    Jah, så det är ungefär vad jag har gjort. Jo, vi har ju lanat också förresten! Och studio grejerna blir bra… Hoppas du bloggar igen! Det är kul. Men vykort är ju ännu finare! ^^


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